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Nogales Dental Advanced is open Monday to Friday 7:00am to 1:00pm

Saturday 6:00am to 12:00pm / Closed Sunday  (Arizona's local time) 


Treatments can be booked on arrival or call us now at 

USA (520) 455 88 44 / (520) 208 99 00 / (520) 208 99 02



Some dental clinics in Nogales Sonora offer extremely cheap prices on the internet, but the quality of their dental work is very low because it is performed by poorly trained or inexperienced dentists. When the patient has problems resulting from the dental treatment, the clinic may hide behind words like “the policy of the company can do nothing for you” or say “the manager and the dentist are not available”


We are dentists who are able to solve any problems resulting from dental treatment and are always willing to help you. The CEO and the manager are Doctors of Dental Surgery, so we understand what can happen and we can always provide a real solution. Call us and make an appointment to get to know us.

Something else you should consider when going to a dental clinic is the way they accept and manage your dental insurance. If a clinic accepts your insurance immediately without first asking you the right questions and confirming coverage with your insurance company, it may lead to some serious problems with your dental treatment.

If your insurance carrier does not provide coverage in Mexico or ultimately refuses to pay the dental clinic for services provided, in many cases the clinic will not pay the dentist their fees but will still require the dentist to provide the services. As a result, if your treatment requires additional visits you may receive service with low-quality dental materials and procedures, since the dentist is not receiving any payment. And oftentimes dentists in larger clinics are only temporarily employed by the clinic without a professional services contract, so if something bad happens the clinic will not accept responsibility.

This practice also leads dentists to leave large clinics, resulting in high dentist turnover. This is why you may find that your dentist at a large clinic is young and inexperienced. The large dental clinics have very cheap costs because they prefer quantity over quality. 

$1,900 USD
Time to do the procedure: 
30 min/45min  

Prices for Dental Implant include porcelain crown, abutment (post), and titanium implant. Downpayments start from $1,200 USD / Payment plans from  4 to 5 months. In some cases it may be necessary to do bone grafting, sinus lift, extraction membrane placement, which are not included in the price.


For more details call (520) 455 88 44 or (520) 208 99 00

$320 USD
Time to do the procedure:
2 hrs/3hrs

Price for root canal only $320 USD If tooth needs a post or build up ($100 USD If tooth needs porcelain crown ($400 USD more) If you want to choose a metal crown ($300 USD more)


For more details call (520) 455 88 44 or (520) 208 99 00

$1,600 USD / $1,900 USD
Time to place braces 60 min
Time in monthly checkup 15 min
​$50 USD / $80 USD - Time 30 min  
$180 USD  - Time 1 Hr

Orthodontic treatment, placement of braces on top and bottom teeth. Prices start from $1,600 USD and depending on the treatment and difficulty it could cost as much as $2,400 USD. Downpayment start from $600 USD and may be divided in two monthly payment will be $60 USD until the balance is paid. Price does not include final retainers, cleaning and other treatments.


For more details call (520) 455 88 44 or (520) 208 99 00

Prices for dental cleaning start from $50 USD (deep cleaning) depending on the amount of tartar in your mouth it could go up to $80 USD. If you have bleeding in your gums and swallow, you might need a different treatment like Root Planing or Open Flap, ask about them.

Prices for dental whitening start from $180 USD, depending on how stained your teeth are it could go up to  $200 USD. Ask about the Home Bleaching Treatment

For more details call (520) 455 88 44 or (520) 208 99 00


Time to do procedure 40 min
2 appointments between 7 days
Time to do procedure 20 min

The price for each porcelain crown starts from $400 USD. Depending on the material, the price could be less ( Metal Crown $350 USD) or more (Zirconia crown or golden crown, up  to $900 USD This price does not include another treatment like rebuilding a tooth, placing a post inside the root, extractions or root canal therapy. If you need a porcelain bridge to replace one missing tooth (as pictured above) the price will be $1200 USD.

$400 USD X 3 units = 1200 USD )

Price for white fillings (composite fillings) range depending on the extent of tooth damage $60 USD to $120 USD 

For more details call (520) 455 88 44 or (520) 208 99 00

$350 USD / $400 USD
Time to do procedure 20 min

Dental surgery prices range from $350 USD to $400 USD. Prices vary because the Maxillofacial Surgeon might need to place bone or membrane to recover the area (not common)


We also perform other oral surgery procedure, ask about them.

For more details call (520) 455 88 44 or (520) 208 99 00

Concious Sedation in Nogales Dental Advanced
Time to do procedure 1 HR

The conscious sedation (Intravenous Sedation) price $700 USD.  The procedure its if the patient feels very restless or just want to be more relax and feel minimal pain mean while its done any dental procedure like wisdom tooth surgery, dental implants surgery or any other dental treatment.


For more detiels call (520) 455 88 44 or (520) 208 99 00

Concious Sedation in Nogales Dental Advanced

Nogales Dental Advanced


Avenida Alvaro Obregon # 147

Between Ochoa St and Pierson St

(3 blocks from the border)

Nogales Sonora Mexico


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Closed Sunday



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