A message about current border changes
Border is open

Faced with the new adversities that are occurring around the world, healthcare personnel must be prepared to continuously provide responsible, ethical and safe attention to dental patients as they consistently provide high-quality services. That is why we want you to know that when you may need dental services, Nogales Dental Advanced has the necessary procedures, personal protective equipment and safety guidelines to protect our patients and ourselves from the COVID-19 coronavirus and other pathogens.

Additional health protection information

Checking body temperatures


We utilize a non-contact Infrared Laser digital thermometer to take the body temperature of every patient who enters our dental clinic and our personnel. This will provide additional confidence and personal security of our personnel and the integral health of all patients.

Vital signs monitoring


In addition, we will provide real-time patient monitoring of vital signs and oxygen levels using our FDA-approved Capnograph ETCO2 multi-parameter patient monitor. And we have an oxygen tank available should a patient need it.


Supplies on hand


As we have continuously done during our 15 years as a Nogales dental clinic, we have more than six months of sterilization and disinfection supplies and personal protective barriers for every member of the Nogales Dental Advanced staff.


This will ensure that we will continuously maintain personal safety barriers, instrument and equipment sterilization and high levels of cleanliness in all areas of the Dental Advanced clinic.


Cross-border restrictions into the U.S.


In order to contain the spread of COVID-19, the White House Coronavirus Task Force has implemented cross-border restrictions for travelers entering the U.S. from Canada and Mexico. 

The restrictions are from March 20 2020 to Nov 8 2021 Now the border is completely open

It is also important to mention that Mexico currently has no restrictions for the entry of international visitors, so as always you are welcome to visit Nogales, Sonora.

Facilitating your return across the border


The good news is, we expect that the lines at the border to return to Arizona will be shorter than usual due to the restrictions. And U.S. citizens (including naturalized citizens) should be able to cross the border without any problems.


To help ensure a smooth border crossing, we will give our patients a medical prescription to present to the customs agent to show that you were in Mexico for medical purposes.


Please call us at (520) 455 8844 you have any questions,  

or to request an appointment.


Victor Manuel Perez DDS

CEO Nogales Dental Advanced

Border Nogales Sonora and Nogales Arizona COVID-19

Patient talking about the border crossing

We will prevail together

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More info about the border - March 2020 / June 2020

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